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Manual resuscitators

Hand powered resuscitator, designed for emergency situations, provides lung ventilation to individuals with difficult respiratory function. All components may be washed and disinfected with cold agents or sterilized by autoclave.

Emerency Carts

Emergency and resuscitation cart composed by: two drawers with divisions, tray for defibrillator, IV pole, support for two O2 cylinders, side and upper rails, O2 pressure regulator, flowmeter, venturi Vacujet suction unit and manual resuscitator Revivator S for adults.

Emergency Case

Basic compostion: 400 litres O2 cylinder, O2 piston regulator, gauge flowmeter 0-15 l/min, 250 mmHg suction pump, collection bottle, hose and suction probe, manual resuscitator Revivator G for adults, resuscitaton face mask L.D.S. nº 4, O2 standard face mask for adults, O2 mask for children, Guedell tubes nº 1, 3 and 5, helicoidal mouth gag, isothermic blanket, pull tongue, bandage scissors.

Emergency Suction System

Fast, powerful vacuum forces (up to 500 cmH20) for urgent situations.



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