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Cardiology Products

complete line of non-invasive diagnostic cardiology solutions for your practice or hospital, from electrocardiographs, to wireless stress exercise , 12-lead Holter, monitoring and data management systems.

12 lead Electro CardioGraphy ECG system

Series of electrocardiographs offer a broad range of solutions for diagnostic ECG.
Cover all needs from hospitals to physician offices.

Wireless Stress Test System

Wireless telemetry revolutionizes traditional stress exercise and enables new levels of freedom in multi-modality stress testing. Designed to meet a complete range stress exercise testing needs.

12 leads Holter System

From 12-lead Holter recording to a 3-channel recorder that is redefining "small", We offers a complete Holter solution with a variety of scanning options. 
Designed to meet a wide spectrum of Holter monitoring needs.

Non Nnvasive Hemodynamics Monitoring System

mpedance cardiography allows the determination of hemodynamic parameters, such as Cardiac Output and Systemic Vascular Resistance noninvasively, continuously and very patient friendly (comparable with ECG).

Highest technology in hemodynamic monitoring:

Hemodynamic monitoring of cardial (such as Cardiac Output) and peripheral parameters, without catheters and just as easy as an ECG
For the first time you can monitor central and peripheral hemodynamic simultaneously
The technology as well as the device setting is state of the art.
Various configurations are available: from basic devices for the usage in medical routine applications to more extensively featured devices for research purposes.

The combination of impedance cardiography (ICG) and peripheral impedance plethysmography (IPG) opens new fields of application:

Noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring
Early detection of shock
Therapy management of patients with hypertension
Adjustment of pacemaker settings
Cardial screening
Vascular Diagnosis
Hemodynamic monitoring during hemodialysis
Pharmacological studies
Physiological studies

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